MSP Process has officially released Microsoft Authenticator Integration for User Verifications!
Start protecting your MSP today with FREE End User Verification.
MSP Process has officially released DUO Security SSO and End User Verification!

DUO Security End User Verification for MSPs

MSP Process, the trusted leader in End User Verification, is excited to announce support for DUO Security! Verify your users quickly with DUO Security if your users have it already installed already on their devices. Your users won’t need to install a separate app to verify their identity.

Here’s how it works: Technicians initiate a push notification from their PSA or MSP Process app. Users receive push notifications directly to their devices for seamless identity verification. The result is quickly shown in the support ticket and logged securely. This not only enhances security but also keeps workflow interruptions minimal.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Security: Industry-leading measures safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.

Streamlined Workflow: Swift verification processes keep service desk operations efficient.

Unified Experience: Consistent authentication across platforms simplifies user experience.

Client Satisfaction:
Clients appreciate the added security and convenience.

In essence, DUO Security empowers MSPs to bolster service desk security while maintaining operational efficiency, ultimately ensuring superior service delivery.

Here’s a quick video of our integration with DUO Security: